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WHY GBC Historic Building?


GBC Italia has promoted and implemented the protocol GBC Historic Building™ to make dialogue the sustainability criteria of the standard LEED® and the vast patrimony of knowledge about restoration world in which Italy performs an excellence role. GBC historic building is a protocol of voluntary certification in sustainability promoted by interventions of conservation, redevelopment, recovery and integration of historic buildings with different kind of use.


GBC Historic Building applies to historic buildings that constitute "material testimony of civilization value". For the application of the GBC HB protocol, buildings must have been constructed before 1945 for a portion of at least 50% of the existing technical elements.

Its role is useful in case of restoration, redevelopment or recovery, also partial integration, but in any case for major renovations intended as interventions involving relevant elements of air conditioning systems and renovation or functional reorganisation of indoor spaces, evaluating possible solutions of performance improvement of the building envelope compatibly with the preservation of the typological and constructive characteristics of the existing buildings.


The presence of a specific argument related to "Historical Significance" (Valenza Storica) aims to preserve what is recognized as a witness by promoting high level of sustainability through the enhancement of the historical building quality. This area takes part in restoration context and gives more details to the architect about intervention in the pre-industrial construction.


The National Museum of Italian Judaism and the Shoah - MEIS - in Ferrara, is one of the first restoration sites of historic buildings in Italy to apply for the certification GBC Historic Building: a system of verification that follows every part of the building life cycle, from the design passing through restoration and directly to the daily use, once the works are finished. The process towards certification requires the observation of a rigid and complex protocol.

The application of the GBC Historic Building drawn up by Green Building Council Italia, in the context of the international rating system LEED®, represents a worldwide innovation and certifies the level of environmental sustainability about restoration and upgrading of existing historic buildings. GBC HB is based on an integrated process, design and implementation of the works of redevelopment of a historic building, which guides the entire project team, contractor, planners and companies to achieve this goal (Arch. Andrea Valentini LEED®AP BD+ C GBC HB AP).

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