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The building intervention has to be programmed, only in this way is it possible to achieve a high quality result. After the first briefings focused on conceptual elaboration, following part is the technical and typological choice. Therefore the architectural design, then the study of economic feasibility and lately the management of every activity also managerial. These are just a few aspects that need to be considered when it has to build a new one or acting on an existing work with real improvement.

This approach used so far does not change with time, even less today. Nonetheless, it is granted by including new design phases so far considered perhaps marginally: this is the key to the well-being of the International Building WELL Institute, in order to focus more on the well-being issues related to the liveability of our built spaces. In fact, the ultimate purpose of a building is its usability, without which the same building would lose its function.

New fundamental concepts for the WELL v2 certification - source:


In this panorama, Well® standard proposes a road map and a list of strategies aimed at promoting the health of the places where we spend about 90% of our daily time. In addition, as a direct consequence to get these certifications on the real estate market, there is a considerable increase in the value of the same between 7% and 11% more than buildings of equal level without this certification (survey carried out by rebuild with CBRE and GBCI Europe).

In addition, with the global network World Green Business Council (WorldGBC), the Net Zero Carbon buildings commitment has been launched: this is a challenge aimed at reducing global carbon emissions by up to 0% - within 2050 - of global carbon emissions. The innovation of the building industry is fundamental in order to guarantee a lower environmental impact; the achievement of these high standards pursued by the WELL® it is also synonymous for economic investment and virtuous cycle, at the beginning of the next years building.

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19th November 2018. Wellference in Milan.

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