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The role of a WELL®Accredited Professional (AP) established by the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) takes part from the earliest stages of project management to provide a sensitive design to every issue related to the health of the spaces created, residential, commercial, productive, tourist or directional.

Human health is the heart of this evaluation, able to develop a functional project to achieve the standards of psychophysical well-being for every user; you don't have to forget that approximately 90% of our days are spent inside a building and therefore the incidence of such a professional figure is certainly very high.

All candidates must pass the WELL®AP exam, realized using the rigorous GBCI development best practices; the test is designed to demonstrate a candidate’s competence in performing the tasks of a WELL®AP, based on the expertise of leading professionals in design, health and well-being in the design field.

Well (Well Building Standard™) is the name of the new international protocol that studies our level of health and well-being in the buildings. Although it is not easy to identify the factors characterising this study, the aim is to evaluate a number of components in order to obtain certification (psychophysical well-being, acoustic comfort, thermal comfort, movement, light, nutrition, water, air, materials and community). This analysis, managed from the International WELL Building Institute™ (IWBI), is released from the GBCI (Green Business certification Inc.) and from other authoritative institutions.

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