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LEED® - Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design


LEED® - Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design - is a system of certification of sustainability of buildings that is born on a voluntary basis and that is applied in over 140 countries worldwide. The LEED standard was born in America by the USGreen Building Council (USGBC), a non-profit association founded in 1993 whose aim is the promotion and development of a global approach to sustainability, giving recognition to virtuous performances in key areas of health human and environmental.

LEED is a voluntary and consensus-based system for the design, construction and management of sustainable buildings and high-performance areas and which is increasingly developing internationally; it can be used on any type of building and promotes an integrated design system that covers the entire building.

Area Porta Nuova

The rating system of the LEED protocol is one of the most widespread environmental sustainability certification systems applicable to the various types of buildings, including the existing ones. In Italy the major residential and office building interventions such as in Milan, some buildings in the district ex CityLife Fair, the new Porta Nuova Garibaldi development, the Unipol Tower in Bologna and many others are all certified or undergoing certification according to the LEED protocol for a total value of up to 4 billion Euros reported for the year 2014. In the world, besides the US, there are many other emerging countries where real estate development is growing rapidly, such as China and Arab countries, the trend in the application of the LEED protocol is very strong, proving that, even if on a voluntary basis, the Green Building market recognizes it as one of the best best practices and examples of excellence that most institutional investors require.

Which LEED® AP specialty

The LEED AP credential arms you with advanced knowledge in green building as well as expertise in a particular LEED rating system. We offer the following five LEED AP with specialty credentials:

  • LEED AP BD+C (building design + construction): Suits professionals with expertise in the design and construction phases of green buildings, serving the commercial, residential, education and healthcare sectors.

  • LEED AP ID+C (interior design + construction): Serves participants in the design, construction and improvement of commercial interiors and tenant spaces that offer a healthy, sustainable and productive work environment.

  • LEED AP O+M (operations + maintenance): Distinguishes professionals implementing sustainable practices, improving performance, heightening efficiency and reducing environmental impact in existing buildings through enhanced operations and maintenance.

  • LEED AP ND (neighborhood development): Applies to individuals participating in the planning, design and development of walkable, neighborhoods and communities.

  • LEED AP Homes (residential): Suited for those involved in the design and construction of healthy, durable homes that use fewer resources and produce less waste.


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